Your remote appointment is confirmed.

Please check your email for important information including how to upload your documents. Be sure to check your Spam folder if you do not see the email.

If you do not receive the email, please contact the office for your upload code and instructions.

For remote appointments
You will receive an estimated bill via email. We require a 75% down payment to be paid via check or debit card before we can begin any tax preparation. We critically need these documents at least one week before your scheduled appointment:

  1. W-2s
  2. 1099s from an employer(s)
  3. 1099s from other sources
  4. Schedule C income and expenses (if applicable and as complete as you can make them)
  5. Schedule E rental income and expenses (if applicable and as complete as you can make them)
  6. Taxable investment account documents
  7. Healthcare documents or proof of healthcare in the form of a medical card
  8. Personal rental expenses if applicable
  9. MBTA out of pocket expenses if applicable
  10. Updated copy of driver’s license if it was renewed
  11. Updated address of residence
  12. Any other documents you feel are important

If you are unable to obtain and send any applicable of the 1-9 listed above at least one week before your appointment, we are asking you to reschedule your appointment or contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding the one week time frame and the needed documents.

Please use this link to pay 75% of your estimated bill:

Please click here to view Personal Tax Preparation Pricing

Please click here for Office Payment Notice