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Insurance is a necessary part of life. We need insurance to make sure the people and things that we care about are protected from harm. We have the ability at our firm to ensure everything that is important to you will be well protected. Each paid insurance product includes one year of unlimited financial advisement.

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LTR Affinity Group

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North American Company

American equity ltr financial lnsurance 

American Equity

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lincoln financial ltr financial insurance


Lincoln Financial

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ltr financial athene insurance


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Increase Savings


Protect yourself from outliving your assets so that going to the early bird special is a choice, not a necessity.

Asset Protection

Long Term Care

Almost 75% of people over 65 will need some sort of long-term care. Don’t let the costs eat away at everything that you have worked your entire life for.


Most disabilities last just under 90 days. Can you go without a paycheck this long?


Medicare Supplement

Yep. Medicare doesn’t cover it all.


Critical Illness

Do you have cancer or another type of recoverable illness in the family? What if you were able to receive extra money to help your recovery from that illness?

Life Settlements

If you a have life insurance policy, you may be able to sell it for cash. How does that sound?

Find the Right Policy

Are You Covered?

We take great care in listening to your needs in order to ensure the protection that you are seeking, is the protection you need.



It can happen to anyone.

Home Business

Protect yourself from the disastrous result of not giving your client everything that they expected from you.


What would happen to your business if you forgot your client’s important event was today?

Personal Umbrella

Protection above and beyond what you already have for the just in case scenario.

Toy Program

Protect yourself from the person who thinks that a jet ski handles the same way as a car.


Worker's Comp

Because not all of us know that talking on your cell phone and running machinery is a good idea.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Professional Insurance

Find the best policy for your business.


Is it probable or possible you will eventually make a mistake?


Can you sue yourself and lose?

Real Estate Appraisers

I knew I should have looked in the crawl space.


Tax Preparers & Bookkeepers

Helping you to make both sides come out equal.

Real Estate Agents & Brokers

When was that closing date again?


Affordable, quality healthcare that my employees will be glad to have.